Why Do We Fundraise for UP?

As you may be aware, since 1992, Highland Park Independent School District and other so-called “property-wealthy” school districts in Texas have been mandated by state legislation to redirect a significant portion of their local property tax dollars to the so-called “Robin Hood” or recapture program, where such dollars are redistributed to property-poor school districts throughout the state.  The recapture legislation was enacted in an effort to equalize the financing of all school districts in Texas, and while opinions on the equities of the program are wide and varied, the fact of the matter is that Robin Hood has become a way of life when it comes to Texas public school finance and HPISD in particular.

Since the beginning of the Robin Hood program, HPISD has sent approximately $826 million, almost one billion dollars, in recaptured tax revenue to Austin, Texas. HPISD budget shortfall is a result of a 72% recaptured tax revenue rate, which means our district sends 72 cents out of every tax dollar collected in our community to support less fortunate schools across Texas. This leaves HPISD with only 28% of our collected tax revenue, which equates to leaving us with only 28 cents of every dollar collected in our District to fund HPISD schools.

The funds raised by UPPA through private donations and other fundraising activities are given directly to UP Elementary and are exempt from the reaches of Robin Hood. Last year we wrote a check for $130,000! These funds are used primarily for upgrading technology, facility improvements and classroom enhancements.  Click HERE to donate now!


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